desk cycleDid you know that you can get fit at work? And I’m not talking about having access to an office gym during lunch time. No. I mean actually DURING work. While you’re sitting at your desk. How does that sound? Good, right. But how is that possible? Well, it’s actually pretty darn easy. With a good desk cycle you’ll be able to pedal all the way to a healthy and fit body. And you won’t even have to leave your desk do to it!

In today’s article we’ll discuss the Sunny Health & Fitness Desk Cycle. It’s a high tech desk bike that will allow you to work out while you’re at work.

Some of you might have tried something like this before. But let me tell you, the Sunny Health & Fitness Desk Cycle is different. It’s stable and you can easily change the intensity of your workout.

I’d recommend keeping it on one of the easier levels. So that you can get all the benefits of aerobic exercise (burn calories, less stress, more focus etc.) without having to exhaust yourself.

Heck, if you put it on a low level (1-3), and get started working, I bet you won’t even notice that you’re working out after 10 minutes!

About Sunny Health & Fitness

Before we get into the meaty details of this desk cycle, let’s first give you a quick update on the company behind it. Sunny health & Fitness is an American company that produces all sorts of exercise equipment.

They value effectiveness, but they also know that it needs to be available for an affordable price. That’s why over the years they have developed strong connections with manufacturers in Taiwan and China. This allows them to offer you top-of-the-line products – but for an affordable price! What else do you need? Quality for a good price!

desk cycle buy now
This is how the Sunny Health Desk Cycle looks like up close.

Sunny health & fitness desk cycle specifications

The most popular Sunny Health & Fitness Desk Cycle is the Sunny health & Fitness SF-B0418 mini fitness bike. Here are its specifications:

  • Magnetic mini stationary bike – it’s a small bike perfect for under your desk at work. Or in front of your couch at home.
  • 8 level micro tension controller – easily choose your perfect resistance with the 8 level micro tension controller.
  • Max user weight –the maximum weight is 200 pounds.
  • Dimensions – 7L x 18.11W x 14H inches.

Note: for more specifications and price, please refer to this page to learn more about this desk cycle.

Two types of people who’ll love to use the Sunny Health & Fitness Desk Cycle

  • People who want to get in shape but do not have the time do so – if you find yourself strapped for time after work to exercise, the Sunny Health & Fitness Desk Cycle might just be one of the best purchases you’ll make in your life.
  • People who feel sluggish at work and want to feel more energetic – studies have shown that exercising (at a low pace) increases your energy and does not deplete it. Desk cycles are a great way to get out of that after-lunch slump and regain your energy so you can work more effectively and feel better while you do it!


5 benefits of the Sunny Health & Fitness Desk Cycle

#1 Get fit at work

With the majority of people strapped for time, is it any wonder that our nation is getting fatter and fatter every day? We simply don’t have the time to exercise with all the demands of our work, family and society.

By getting a desk cycle you’ll be able to turn otherwise sedentary time into exercise time. You’ll be able to log your hours and see that it’s possible to actually work out easily for more than 5 hours every week – without feeling like you’re working out!

#2 Safety pedal straps so your feet are stable

The safety straps on the pedals ensure that your feet are in a stable place. You won’t have to worry about your feet flying off the pedals cause they are secure. And the less you have to think about how to exercise – the better you can concentrate on your work. I bet you won’t even feel like you’re exercising after 10 minutes!

#3 LCD displays time, speed, distance, ODM and calories

A display on the bike shows you all the stats that you need to know. And because it’s on the bike it won’t distract you from your work. The stats that it checks are:

  • Time passed
  • Speed
  • Distance covered
  • ODM
  • Calories burned

#4 Put it ON your desk for an arm workout

If after a long day at work you feel like your arms are getting a sluggish, you can put the Sunny Health & Fitness Desk Cycle ON your desk for an arm workout. Many people who work in the office experience pains and aches in their arm from the long hours behind the screen.

Taking 5-10 minutes every day to strengthen your arms will help you prevent more serious issues.

#5 Eight different resistance levels for an optimal workout

Whether you prefer to pedal all day long at a relaxed pace, or you want to go full-out at the end of your day to release excess stress. You can do it with the Sunny Health & Fitness Desk Cycle. There are 8 different magnetic resistance levels so you can choose exactly at which intensity you want to exercise.

sunny health desk bike
You can easily change the resistance of the Bike to your desired level of intensity.

Sunny Health & Fitness Desk Cycle reviews

“Great desk cycle. Wish this was around 15 years ago when I just started working. Oh well, I’ve already lost 4 pounds in the 2 weeks that I’m using this! Recommended!”

– Jessica


“I always used to feel so nonenergetic after lunch. But biking for 20 minutes is a great way to get me out of that slump and I’m even sharing mine with 2 colleagues hahah.”

– Martha

Best place to get the Sunny Health & Fitness Desk Cycle

If you too want to lose weight while at work without any extra fitness-time investment whatsoever…

… then click here to order the Sunny Health & Fitness Desk Cycle & start getting fit at work!

buy sunny health desk cycle

P.S. The Sunny Health Fitness Desk Bike is great if you want to stay active while working. Buy it here on Amazon!

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