sunny health fitness recumbent bike reviewWould you like to workout at home as effective as you do at the gym? And do you want an exercise bike that will not only help you achieve your goals – but also looks good and is a treat for your eyes? If you said yes to any of the above questions, then the Sunny Health Fitness magnetic recumbent bike might just be the perfect exercise bike for you!

It’s a recumbent bike, which means that unlike regular exercise bikes your back will be fully supported while you exercise. This also makes it easier to watch TV, listen to music, or do anything else while you’re working out.

In this Sunny Health Fitness magnetic recumbent bike review, we’ll first talk about the company behind the exercise bike. Then we’ll briefly find out all the specifications of the bike. And if you’re curious what types of people would love to use this bike – we’ve got you covered too.

At the end, you’ll find the 5 biggest benefits you’ll get and if after reading you wat to order the bike. I’ll show what the best place is to buy it.

About Sunny Health & Fitness

Sunny health & Fitness is the company behind this amazing exercise bike. They have been around for more than 10 years and are headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Their main focus is (and has always been) to offer high quality and affordable products. They can do this because they have long-lasting relationships with their manufacturers in China and Taiwan.

So, you can expect a good exercise bike for a good price with Sunny health & Fitness!

sunny health fitness magnetic recumbent bike review
This is how the bike will look like in your home!

Sunny Health Fitness magnetic recumbent bike specifications

It’s always good to know exactly what you’re getting. That’s why I’ve listed all the specifications of the Sunny Health Fitness magnetic recumbent bike here:

  • Tension levels – there are 8 different levels of magnetic tension for each workout level.
  • Digital monitoring – a large LCD display shows all the data you need about your ride.
  • Max user weight – 220 pounds
  • Pulse sensors – measure your heart rate with the pulse sensors
  • Type of drive system – belt drive
  • Product weight – the bike weighs 51 pounds
  • Dimensions –7L x 12.2W x 25.6H in

Note: if you wish to find out more about the bike and the price, please refer to this page for more information.

Two types of people who’ll love to exercise on the Sunny Health Fitness magnetic recumbent bike:

  • People who want to get fit at home – whether you don’t like the gym, or it’s too far away from your house. There are thousands of reasons why going to the gym is not an option. But that doesn’t mean you cannot get fit working out at home!
  • People who want a nice-looking exercise bike – many exercise bikes are not too nice to look at. They’re either bulky, or comes in dark colours. So, you wouldn’t put them in your living room. The Sunny Health Fitness magnetic recumbent bike is available in pink, has a stylish design and you will get many compliments from your girlfriends!

5 Sunny Health Fitness magnetic recumbent bike benefits

#1 Easy on your back

If you find regular exercise bikes are heavy on your back because they offer no support, then a recumbent exercise bike is for you. The added back support will make sure that your spine stays comfortable while exercising.

#2 Great exercise bike for women

Men want their exercise equipment to be effective. And that’s it. It doesn’t matter how it looks. But for women it’s different. Of course, it should also help you achieve your fitness goals and get that ideal figure. This bike comes in pink and has a great design, and the more it catches your eye – the more you’ll work out on it!

#3 Eight different intensity levels

Whether you’re a die hard cyclist, or just want to get fit at night. The Sunny Health Fitness magnetic recumbent bike has 8 different resistance levels so that regardless of your strength you can use this exercise bike.

With the help of an easy turn button underneath the handlebars you can increase or decrease the resistance levels to your preference.

sunny health fitness bike
The extra grip foot pedal ensures that your feet will be stable while exercising.

#4 Easy to assemble

Many women fear that they won’t be able to assemble their exercise bikes. And if you don’t have a man nearby who can do that for you – you might not even think about getting an exercise bike. But don’t worry.

You can either easily assemble the bike yourself (with the help of a simple step-by-step guide), or you can choose to have a professional do it for you.

sunny health fitness review
Become fit in the comfort of your own home!

#5 Monitor your heart rate and distance covered

When you’re exercising. It’s important to know all the data of your workout. So you can try to beat the speed or time of your last ride. That’s why this bike also comes with a large CLD display on which you can read everything you need to know:

  • Speed
  • Distance covered
  • Hand Pulse
  • Time biked
  • Calories burned

Sunny Health Fitness magnetic recumbent bike reviews

“Absolutely love the design and colour. I have it in my living room so I can watch TV while I exercise. And every time I have a friend over I get so many compliments from them! Easy on the eye and very good to get fit!”

– Alice

“It was way easier to assemble then I expected. I’m 58 and together with my mom from 85 we did it. That was two months ago and believe it or not but I’ve already lost 10 pounds!”

– Margreth

Where to get the Sunny Health Fitness magnetic recumbent bike

If you too want an exercise bike for women that is easy on your back and will help you become slimmer and have a better body…

…then click here to order the Sunny Health Fitness magnetic recumbent bike & start getting fit in the comfort of your own home!

buy sunny health fitness recumbent magnetic bike


P.S. hundreds of people all over the world use this bike to get fit. Click here to join them!


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