Rockshox vs Fox Forks: Difficulties Making Your Decision? Learn More Here!

rockshox vs foxIn previous years, the difference between the Rockshox vs Fox forks was large. However, both companies have been working hard to make sure their forks have come back to optimal performance. In this article you’ll learn some of the similarities and differences between the 2 forks. And you’ll know which choice is etter for you if you’re thinking of getting the Rockshox vs Fox fork.

Rockshox vs fox

To start: both the Rockshox and Fox have many different models, so in order to do a good comparison, we need to pick 2 models of each that are similar. Since many of the parts are different from each other – it would be a tough comparison.

For that reason we decided to pick the Fox 32 (2015) and the Rockshox 30. Both are in the same price range, so you’ll have no problem comparing them.

rockshox vs fox
Here’s the Rockshox!

What are the differences?

For forks stability and support is the most important thing. As you might’ve guessed from the introduction, the difference between the Rockshox vs Fox fork isn’t too much. So for the stability and support you can expect the same. So it’s not a crucial factor in deciding which of these 2 forks you need in your bike.

Another thing that could make a difference is the bounce and suspension that the fork gives. Also here, there isn’t too much difference. The difference is minor, and chances are big that only experienced bikers can notice the difference.

check the following video to learn more about the small differences:


So which should you choose?

in the end it all comes down to preference. Do you like your fork to have a bit more suspension and bounce? Then it’s a good idea to pick the Rockshox. They also have some more different models, so you can play around which of those works well for your bike.

Another thing I like about Rockshox is how clear they are in wha ttheir products do. For example, check out this link to learn more information about the Rockshox silver fork 29’’. As you can see on the page, there is a lot of information available that will help you make the right decision.

So, if you’re struggling with the decision between Rockshox vs Fox forks, then I highly recommend you go with Rockshox. They have more different model forks available and you can easily get them through Amazon. Also, they are available in different colors, so you can customize it so that it fits perfectly with your bike. In the end, it’s a matter of preference. But looking around on the internet will give you  more confidence that you’re making the right decision.


P.S. quick recap: both the Rockshox vs Fox forks are pretty similar in what they have to offer. In precious years, the difference was bigger, but both companies have learned from each other and now the models are pretty similar. However, if you have to make a choice, I recommend you pick the Fockshox. Click here for more information!



Cruzee vs Strider: Which of These Kids Balance Bikes is Better?

cruzee vs striderBalance bikes are great for teaching your kid how to bike. It’s a crucial step for them to learn how to ride a real bike. And that is a skill that everyone wants their kids to know. There are many different balance bikes available, so it can be difficult to choose the right one for your kid. Today we’re discussing the Cruzee vs Strider balance bike. What’s the difference and is one noticeably better than the other?

Cruzee vs Strider balance bikes

Before we dive into the differences, let’s first quickly talk about the similarities between the 2 bikes. After all, they’re both noticeably better than all the cheap balance bikes that you can buy at Walmart (or any other big store like that). So the first thing I want you to know is that as both the bikes are quality bikes that will teach your kid how to learn how to bike well.

strider vs cruzee

There are quite some things that make the bikes seem alike. For instance, they both look (and are) sturdy and well-built. These things cannot be skipped in balance bikes, since they will probably have to endure quite a lot. Also, the frame, handlebars and steering wheel look very similar. But there are some key differences between both the bikes:

What are the differences?

The main difference between the Cruzee vs Strider is that the Strider weighs more. Its weight is approx 3 kilos – whereas the Cruzee is only 1.9. In US terms: 6 vs 4 pounds. Now, what difference do 2 pounds make? A big difference, Especially considering that your kid is a lot smaller than you. It will be a lot easier for your kid to steer and manoeuvre around. And the better he or she can do that – the more fun learning how to bike is. And the faster he/she will be able to bike on a real bike.

Another difference is that the Cruzee saddle is a bit bigger than the Strider’s. this can be good or bad – depending on how big your kid is. Both bikes are suitable for kids up to 3 years.

Which balance bike should you pick for your kid?

Cruzee vs Strider balance bikes: both are great options (and certainly better than many of the cheap bikes you see at large stores). There are some small differences and 1 big. If you have to make a decision, I recommend you pick the Cruzee bike. The 1 kilo (2pounds) difference between the bikes is too large to be ignored. And it can make a big difference in how your kid learns to bike.

One thing though: if your kid is close to 3 -or large for his age – then the Stride can be a better option. But I’d recommend the Cruzee in 90% of cases.

Click here to check the Cruzee bike price!

Or here to see how much the Strider balance bike costs!


P.S. both bikes are excellent balance bikes. But the Cruzee wins. Click above to get your kid a Cruzee balance bike so he learns how to bike well!

Fox 34 vs 36: Which of These Two Forks Is Better On Your Bike?

fox 34 vs 36There are many good forks out there. And today we’re going to discuss a question many mountain bikers have asked themselves: is it worth getting the Fox 34 vs 36? We’ve done the research and you can read all about it in todays article. So, let’s get started!

Fox 34 vs 36 fork

Both the forks from Fox are from high quality. that’s for sure. If you just bought a regular bike somewhere without special forks on it – then you can be sure that getting either the Fox 34 or 36 will make your bike a lot better for biking out in the woods or on tracks.

So, with that out of the way, are there any specific differences for when the 34 or the 36 is better?

Here’s what the difference is:

It might come as no surprise to you that the Fox 36 is the better option of the 2. It offers more stability and support. And it will allow you more stiffness if you’re doing jumps. So, that’s the main difference.

fox 34 vs 36
This is the Fox 36!

Now, the price difference between these 2 forks is also pretty big. So if you need the 36on your bike – and if it’s worth the money for you will depend on a couple of factors. Some that you have to ask yourself if you are willing to spend extra money – and if you will actually use all the extra stability that the 36 has to offer.

So should you get the Fox 36?

A quick look around on many biker forums will quickly reveal to you that everyone prefers the Fox 36 over the 34. It simply is better made and an upgrade for the old model. but it also costs more. Here’s the thing:

If you’re not doing high jumps or hard pushing with trail riding, then chances are low that you’re going to need the extras that the 36 has to offer. That doesn’t mean that you won’t feel the difference, but if you’re not pushing yourself and your bike, it might not be too noticeable.

Everything changes however, when you start doing higher jumps (for example 10 feet). In these cases it is highly recommended that you get the 36 model. As it will make biking a lot more comfortable and it will be better for the rest of your bike. Also, your performance will increase.

So, my final recommendation is to get the 36. Whatever type of mountain biker you are. In the long run it is an investment and it will be better for your rides as well. The only reason not to pick the 36 might be if you’re on a budget. But still, in the long run you’ll spend less by choosing the Fox 36.

Click here for more information (and price) of the Fox 36!


P.S. Fox 34 vs 36? We recommend you get the Fox 36. Its quality is overall better and you won’t have to worry about high jumps or other tough tracks you might be riding on. Click above for more information about the Fox 36!



Strider Classic vs Sport: What Are the Crucial Differences For Your Kid?

strider classic vs sportYou want your kids to learn how to bike correctly. Learning how to bike early in life is a good thing, since it allows your child to assess risks and get to know a new skill. But one thing that many parents find is that is can be very difficult for a child to get started right away on a regular bike. And you don’t want them to fall unnecessary, right? That’s when balance bikes come in. They’re made exactly for small kids – so that they can learn how to balance on a bike, without all the risks of regular bikes. If you’re interested in getting a balance bike, you’ve come across the brand Strider. But which of their 2 most popular bikes is better for your child: The Strider Classic vs Sport?

Strider Classic vs Sport

In this comparison review we’ll start off discussing the similarities between both bikes. This is because there are quite some. And in some cases, it might not make that much of a difference which one you pick. In other cases, the small differences between the bikes can have a big impact on how your child uses it. So then it would be wise to pick the correct bike.

Here are the similarities for the Strider classic vs sport balance bikes:

  • Both bikes have a 12-inch steel frame (As suggested in the name)
  • The bikes weigh 6.9 pounds – which is great as it’s less than 1/3 of the kid’s weight, which allows for easy maneuvering.
  • No worries about maintenance or flat tires with the puncture proof EVA polymer tires.
  • Kids starting from 18 months can use the bikes
  • The lowest seat height is 11 inches
  • Lowest handlebar height: 18 inches
  • Perfectly suited for children who want to learn how to balance on a real bike

So as you can see, both bikes are great tools for if you want your kids to learn how to bike correctly.

Strider is a world-famous brand for their kids bicycles and balance bikes. They have sold more than 1 million of their bikes and a quick look around the internet will reveal thousands of good reviews from happy parents. Feel free to check out more specifics and/or reviews on Amazon for the Classic bike here.

What I like about the Strider classic: good starter balance bike for a young child

The Strider classic bike is cheaper than the Sport model. This is because it has less option. It’s a solid bike for young kids who want to learn how to balance on a bike – and it’s suitable for kids from 18 months to 3 years. After that period, your kid will most likely be too tall for the bike. Of course, if your kid is small for his age, then maybe he will be able to get some more months out of the bike, but this is not likely.

strider sprt vs classic balance bike

The highest that the bike seat can go is 18 inches.  And for the handlebars this is 22 inches.

The main reason to get this bike over the Sport model is when your child is young/small and you think he will learn how to bike on a real bike before he turns 3. It’s a good model to learn how to balance and it’s a bit cheaper than the Sport – but still it does its job well.

What I like about the Strider Sport:

The Strider Sport is basically everything that the Strider Classic model is, but more. Mainly: higher. It has some extra features so that you can increase the height of the saddle and handlebars. This makes the bike a solid balance bike for kids aged 18 months till 5 years.

The maximum seat height can be raised till 19 inches. This does increase the weight of the bike a bit, but since your kid will also be bigger – it will be of no problem for him.


One concern that you might have is that the extra weight of your kid will make the saddle uncomfortable. After all, a saddle that’s comfortable for a 2-year-old might not be suitable anymore if he’s 4. A good concern, and you don’t need to worry. Strider anticipated this and added an extra padded seat to the bike, so that it’s comfortable for very child in the intended age range.

Ad because your kid will also put more pressure on the handlebars (he’s bigger after all), there are also extra handlebar pads to accommodate this extra pressure. He will still have good grip and will be able to steer correctly.

Apart from the height, there is another functional difference between the Strider Classic vs Sport balance bike. That is that the height of the Sport bike can be adjusted without tools. The easy mechanism where the handlebars and seat are attached to the frame can be adjusted by hand. This is not the case with the Classic where you need to get your toolbox. A minor difference, but with a growing kid it can be nice not to have to take your tools out every couple of months.

Here’s what to base your Strider classic vs sport decision on:

Maybe you’ve already decided after reading this Strider Classic vs Sport comparison review. If you haven’t? Here’s a quick overview of which bike is better for which kid:

  • Is your kid 18 months – 2 years? Then you can get the Classic bike.
  • Are you on a budget? Get the Classic version.
  • Is your kid almost 3 or older? Then it’s better that you get him the Sport bike.
  • Is your kid young but budget is no problem? The Strider Sport balance bike.
  • Want to be able to easily without tool heighten the seat/handlebars? Choose the Sport balance bike.

Strider Classic vs Sport conclusion:

Both the Classic and the Sport balance bikes from Strider are great bikes if you want your kid to learn how to balance. Before letting him learn the hard way on a real bike. The main difference is that the Sport seat can go higher. So it’s suitable for kids from 3-5 as well. It accommodates this extra weight by adding extra seat and handlebar pads, so it will still be comfortable for your kid.

If budget is no problem, pick the Sport. Your kid will do longer with it and it’s more comfortable/easier to adjust. Otherwise, you can also safety pick the Classic version, as it still offers all the benefits of the Sport – but it’s only suitable for kids till 3 years old.


Click here to order the Strider Classic balance bike (age: 18 months – 3 years)!


Or here to get the Strider Sport bike (age: 18 months – 5 years)!



P.S Did this Strider classic vs Sport balance bike review help you? Then check out the right bike for your kid through the above links! It will help your child a great deal if he learns how to bike correctly.

Folding Exercise Bike Reviews: Save Time & Exercise at Work

Chances are, if you’ve reading this article, that you’re interested in getting yourself a folding exercise bike. They are very convenient, as they take up less space than regular exercise bikes and you can take them virtually anywhere. This makes them perfect for putting them under your desk so you can easily pedal away while you’re working. To make things easier for you – I’ve compiled this list of folding exercise bike reviews. There are 2 that really caught my eye. So you can read a quick review about them. After that I’ll give you some more reasons why people like you might be using a folded exercise bike.

Folding exercise bike reviews

#1 the Desk Cycle

The first one in this series is going to be the Desk Cycle. Why? Because it’s a good example of how a folding bike should be made. You see, it’s built especially for those people who are working in an office and need to find time to work out. If you’re struggling to lose weight because you simply don’t have the tim – then the Desk Cycle is the perfect exercise for you. You can simply place it underneath your desk and exercise while you’re working.

Not only is this great for the blood flow (which makes it easier to concentrate), but you’ll also be burning calories at work. The Desk Cycle is an exercise machine from Sunny & Health, a company that is known for its high quality products. So on the Desk Cycle you’ll find everything you need for a good workout. It can track the time exercised, calories burned, distance covered and a host of other stuff for you. So you can easily track your workouts and make sure that you’re progressing. There is a lot more to be said about this beautiful little folding bike, but if you’re interested…

… then read my in-depth Desk Cycle review here!

#2 MagneTrainer

The second bike in these folding exercise bike reviews is the MagneTrainer. Now, you might be wondering why I put an arm bike in this list. And the answer is simple. Because virtually every folding bike (if done right) can also be used to train your arms. It’s merely a matter of where you put it. If you place it under your desk – you can train your legs. If you place it on your desk – you can train your arms. This way your entire body (upper and lower) will get a good workout.

I like the MagneTrainer because it’s simple. It has everything you need to work up a sweat. And nothing more. So if you’re just looking for a simple workout machine that you can use for both your arms and legs – the Magnetrainer is for you.

You can find more detailed information here in my MagneTrainer review

Why get a folding exercise bike?

Maybe you’ve already check the previous folding exercise bike reviews. Then you’ll probably find the following paragraphs a bit of a repetition. But that’s okay. When talking about your health it’s always good to know exactly what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. So I recommend you see this as a little summary of why folding bikes are so convenient and what the benefits are of getting one.

You can work out while you’re working

This is the main reason why people get folding bikes. And I wholeheartedly agree. In our society many people don’t have enough time to exercise. Often this is because we spend too much time working and sitting in the office. So if there’s a way to exercise in the office – then that would be great, right? And that is exactly where these folding bikes come in. Some, such as the Desk Cycle have specifically been made for this purpose. What this means is that you don’t have to worry about noise. Since it barely produces any. So you can work out without distracting your colleagues or coworkers.

folding exercise bike reviews
Exercising can effectively be combined with working. Just put a folding bike under your desk and start pedaling!

It’s the perfect solution if you’re struggling to get fit and want an easy way to burn a couple hundred extra calories per day (or week – depending on how much you need to lose). And the easier you make it for yourself to exercise, the more you’ll do it, and the faster you’ll get the body you want.

Easy to move

Another reason is because it’s simply easy and convenient to move around. Maybe there are 2 persons in your house who want to use the bike. Or you want to exercise while watching TV – and after that store it away somewhere out of sight. That’s all pretty difficult to do if you’ve got a 50 pound huge exercise bike. But if you’ve got a folding one, then it’s a matter of picking it up and putting it in its place. Makes live a lot easier for you.

Train both your lower and upper body

I already mentioned this before in the folding exercise bike reviews, but most good bikes can be used to train both your legs and your arms. All it depends is where you put the bike. On your desk for your arms and on the floor for your legs. The reason why this is so great is that some people would otherwise develop an imbalance in their bodies. You can image this right? If all you do is train your legs, but your arms stay weak.. then this cannot be good for the body. In general the legs can handle some more volume than your arms, so you can keep the ratio of 2 leg workouts for 1 arm workout and you should be perfectly fine.




P.S. here’s a quick recap if this article is too long for you. Folding bikes are great for working out at the office. If you want to use it for that – I recommend you read my comprehensive Desk Cycle review here. It will teach you everything you need to know about how to use the bike and how to get the best results from it.

Schwinn Exercise Bikes: Premium Quality Bikes for Getting in Shape Fast

schwinn exercise bikesHave you heard about Schwinn Exercise bikes? If you’re looking to get fit and in shape then having a good exercise bike at home in one of the best decisions you can make. After all, going to the gym might not be the right choice for most people who want to get fit.

After all, if you’re out of shape, you probably don’t want all the fit people at the gym to see you exercising. Even though it’s perfectly fine to do that, many people still feel a bit reluctant to go to the gym. And they might be onto something. Why pay an expensive gym membership – if you can workout just as effectively at home!

That’s why today we’re discussing the Schwinn exercise bikes. They’re high quality – but affordable exercise bikes that will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Note: in this article we’ll first shortly talk about the company Schwinn. Then you’ll learn the 5 benefits that Schwinn exercise bikes have to offer. And we end of with two of the staff’s choices for the best Schwinn exercise bikes.

Why choose for Schwinn Exercise bikes?

Schwinn is a German company that has been around for more than 120 years. They started off making road bike for the general public. But over time they also found that people wanted exercise bikes. Because the company already knew how to make high quality affordable road bikes, they decided to also produce exercise bikes with the same strategy.

And that has paid off. Schwinn exercise bikes are now one of the most popular training bikes in the world. And here are the reasons why:

5 benefits of Schwinn exercise bikes

#1 Get in Shape

The main reason why people want an exercise bike is to get in shape. And Schwinn helps you achieve that. Their bikes are easy to use and offer complete training. And the less the hurdle for you to jump on your bike at home – the more you’ll use it and the fitter you get!

At Schwinn they’ve long known that user experience is the most important thing for bikes. After all, if you’re not enjoying your workout, how can you expect to get in shape! That’s why all the Schwinn exercise bikes are designed for optimal enjoyment and effectiveness.

#2 Choose your own resistance level

The next benefit is that you can choose your own resistance level. Now, you might say that other exercise bikes also have this feature. But let me tell you this. Most of the other brands only have 6 to 8 different resistance levels. Schwinn exercise bikes sometimes have up to 25!

What this effectively means is that if you’re comfortable at let’s say LVL 3, then LVL 4 might be a bit out of your comfort zone. It’s much better to have a large range of resistance, so you pick exactly the right level for your own fitness and preferences.

That way you’ll be able to make much faster progress and reach your health goals faster!

#3 Track how many calories you’re burning

Another great thing is that you can easily track your calories burned. For example, the Schwinn magnetic recumbent bike allows you to easily upload the amount of calories burned into your favorite fitness apps, such as MyFitnessPal.

Knowing how much calories you’ve burned is critical in getting fit. After all, if you overestimate how much energy you’ve spent, you might eat more than you actually need. And instead of losing weight, you could even be gaining weight! And that’s the last thing you want.

So it’s important to know exactly how many calories you’re burning. And Schwinn helps you easily track and manage them.

#4 Easy to assemble

If you’ve ever had trouble assembling a fitness equipment, then you might fear that you won’t manage to do it the right way. Some equipment is virtually impossible to correctly install as a regular person. That’s why most fitness companies can help you assemble – however that’s usually very expensive. Sometimes up to half (or more) of the original cost of the equipment.

Schwinn exercise bikes on the other hand are easy to assemble. Even if you have no previous experience. They all come with an easy step-by-step guide that will help you to assemble your bike with ease.

#5 Comfortable to exercise on

The final benefit of the bikes is that they are comfortable to bike on. And as we said before, if you’re feeling physical discomfort when exercising, you’re far more likely to give up before you reach your goals.

Now, Schwinn exercise bikes are designed to be very comfortable to sit, pedal and bike on. That means that you can focus all your energy and attention on actually working out! The better your feel on the bike, the longer you’ll exercise and the faster you’ll reach your fitness goals.

2 most popular Schwinn Exercise Bikes

Schwinn magnetic Recumbent bike

The Schwinn magnetic recumbent bike is one of the most popular recumbent bikes available. It’s a high-tech bike that offers you 29 different workout programs so you can choose exactly the workout that you want.

Click here to read my full review of the Schwinn Magnetic Recumbent bike & find out how it can help you become fit.

Schwinn Airdyne exercise bike

The Schwinn Airdyne exercise bike is an entire different story. It’s a bike that also allows you to train your arms while biking. It’s a great option for those who want a full-body workout on an exercise machine.

Click here to read my comprehensive review guide about the Schwinn Airdyne exercise bike & learn how it works.


P.S. didn’t have time to read the entire article? Here’s a quick summary: Schwinn exercise bike are great exercise bikes because they help you get in shape and lose weight. They are comfortable to exercise on and give you the most bang for your buck. I highly recommend you check out the Schwinn Magnetic recumbent bike – it’s a high quality but affordable bike that will help you achieve your fitness goals!

Home Stationary Bike: Your #1 Tool for Getting in Shape

home stationary bikeWould you like to lose weight without a gym membership? If you want to get in shape without paying for a gym – and prefer to get fit in the comfort of your own home than you simply have to have a home stationary bike. You can put it in the basement where you can work out. Or put in your living room so you can watch your favorite series while you are getting in shape.

A home stationary bike has so many advantages compared to other methods of cardio. And in today’s article we are going to discuss the most important ones. But first we’ll quickly talk about what exactly a home stationary bike is for those of you who don’t know.

So let’s get started!

What is a home stationary bike?

A home stationary bike is an exercise bike that you can put in your own home. It’s generally looks like a real bike – but it usually has only 1 wheel. The front wheel. The wheel is positioned above the floor, so that you won’t get any real traction when you’re biking. Instead the resistance often comes from a belt or a magnetic belt.

This means that you can also chose exactly how much resistance you want to feel while biking. This has the obvious benefit that you can chose how intense you want to work out. It’s also a great thing to have a home stationary bike in your house for the entire family. After all, each family member can exercise at his own level.

Is a home stationary bike a good way to get in shape?

Some of you might be wondering if working out at home on a bike is a good way to lose weight. I’m here to tell you that it is. You know, biking in general is a good way to lose weight. You may even have some fit colleagues who bike to work and back every day.

So biking is a good way to lose weight. But is indoor biking? Yes, that works too. As long as you work out consistently. If you work out at least 2 times a week for half an hour minimum, you will see changes in your body.

You can read more about how to lose weight on exercise bikes in this article that I wrote especially as an exercise bike guide!

5 benefits of exercising on a home stationary bike

#1Get in shape in the comfort of your own home

It may seem obvious that you cane exercise at home with the help of stationary bike. But have you really thought about what that means? It means that you won’t have to pay for a gym membership anymore. It also means that if you want to workout you save a lot of time because you won’t have to drive to your gym.

And maybe you’re a morning person and like to exercise right after you get out of bad. Good luck doing that in a gym if you don’t live next door. Same thing if you work out late at night.

#2 More effective than running

The next benefit is that it’s more effective than many other types of cardio. Take running for instance, it’s a lot easier to bike for an hour than it is to run for an hour. And if you want to get in shape – the more hours you work out, the faster you’ll get in shape!

#3 Good for your joints

It’s also a great way to exercise without putting any unnecessary stress on your joints. So if you experience knee or ankle pain while running for example. Then exercising on a home stationary bike can be the best thing you do for your body!

#4 Monitor your heart rate while exercising

Virtually every exercise bike comes with a display that you can check all your important data with. And one of them is your heart rate. If you can track your heart rate you can see exactly what the most effective way is for you to lose weight. It shouldn’t be too high so that you get exhausted after 5 minutes biking, but it should be in such a way that you could go on for hours. That is the sweet spot for losing weight.

#5 Burn a ton of calories

The final benefit is that you can burn a lot of calories on a home stationary bike. After all, the muscles in your legs are one of the largest in your body. And the larger the muscle, the ore calories it burns. And since you can bike for a lot longer than running for instance – you can burn a ton of calories each session.

Home stationary bike conclusion

To quickly recap this article. Biking on a home stationary bike is one of the best ways to lose weight. After all, you can burn a lot of calories and biking is easy on the body. So you can do it for long periods of time.

By having your bike directly in your home it will be easier for you to muster p the motivation to work out. This will also mean that you will have less excuses for not working out. And the more you work out in any given period of time – the fitter you’ll get.

It’s also better for your body and joints – compared to running for example. This means that the chances of getting injured are almost none. So even if you’re a bit older – or not feeling too fit. You can still reap all the benefits of exercising on a home stationary bike!


P.S. curious which home stationary bike we recommend if you want to get in shape and lose weight? Check out this complete review of the Schwinn exercise bike. It’s a high-quality sturdy bike that will allow you to work out with each intensity that you want. Oh, it’s also an affordable bike. Curious for more information? Click here to read my comprehensive Schwinn exercise bike review!

Sunny Exercise Bike: Get Fit With This Amazing New Home-Bike

Would you like to lose weight without going to the gym? Then have you ever thought of getting a home exercise bike? Home exercise bikes are very effective for getting into shape and losing some extra pounds – however, there should be a couple of things about the bike. First it needs to be comfortable to exercise on. Otherwise it will only catch dust in your basement/attic/wherever you put it. And that’s exactly why we’ll be discussing the Sunny exercise bike today.

It’ a very comfortable – but effective – exercise bike that will allow you to reach your fitness goals in no time. So if you’re looking for an easy way to start losing some extra pounds, or you need to fit in your clothes from 5 years ago for a special event. I invite you to carefully read this Sunny exercise bike review. Maybe it will be the one thing you read this year that helps you get back in shape again!

About Sunny Health and Fitness

Before we dive into the exercise bike. Let’s first quickly discuss Sunny Health and Fitness. It’s the company behind the Sunny exercise bike. They are headquartered in Los Angeles, California and have been producing high quality fitness products for over the last decade. As you may know, fitness is a cutthroat market and in order to make it you have to really know what you’re doing and what your customer wants.

The main thing that separates Sunny Health and Fitness from their competitors is that they have long-lasting relationships with top manufacturers in Taiwan and China. What does this specifically mean to you?

It means that they are able to offer high quality exercise bikes for an affordable price. And that is exactly what you need if you’re looking to get back in shape!

sunny exercise bike

Sunny exercise bike specifications

The most popular model Sunny exercise bike is the Sunny Health and Fitness indoor cycling bike. Here are its specifications:

  • Fully adjustable seat
  • Lowest seat setting: 27″
  • Highest seat setting: 33″
  • Chain drive mechanism
  • Felt fabric brake pad
  • LCD display Speed, Distance, Scan, Time, and Calories Burned
  • 22 lb Flywheel
  • Assembled Dimensions: 32L x 22W x 45H inches
  • Item Weight: 61 pounds
  • Maximum user weight: 220 pounds

Note: for more information and the price of the Sunny exercise bike, please refer to this page.

Two types of people who’ll love to work out on a Sunny exercise bike

  • People who don’t want to go to the gym to lose weight – maybe you’re conscious about your body and seeing all those fit people at the gym makes you feel uncomfortable. Or the gym is too far away from your place. The Sunny exercise bike is a perfect replacement for going to the gym.
  • People who enjoy exercising at home – if you like to exercise while watching your favorite movie or TV series, then putting a comfortable exercise bike in front of the TV can help you get fit without any extra time investment whatsoever.


Five benefits of the Sunny exercise bike

#1 Ergonomic seating for optimal workouts

The bike’s design was done in such a way that it offers the optimal comfort while you’re exercising. What this means is that you can completely focus on your workout and not on finding the right position on your bike. This can be a major problem with other (cheaper) brands. But with the Sunny exercise bike you’ll feel comfortable right away.

And if you don’t…

#2 Adjustable for your height and weight

If you’re not feeling comfortable right away, then you cane easily change that by adjusting the saddle. You can adjust it vertically and horizontally. So if you’re taller with long arms you can put the seat higher and further away from the ‘steering wheel’.

On the other hand, if you’re shorter you can put the saddle lower and closer. So whatever your weight or height, you can customize the bike so that it suits you.

sunny exercise bike reviews

#3 Track your fitness

Tracking your achievements is very important to see how you’re progressing. If you bike the same 3 miles every night, and each time you shave off 5 to 10 seconds of your time. Then congratulations! You’re making progress to becoming fitter, healthier and stronger!

You can track the following data:

  • Time on the bike
  • Speed
  • Distance covered
  • Calories burned

#4 Flywheel and drive for precise control over your session

The 22-pound flywheel ensures that you can easily pick the right resistance for your fitness level. With the convenient tension knob you can increase or decrease resistance so that your workout stays a challenge. It also ensures a smooth biking motion.

#5 Three-year warranty

I’m always a bit hesitant about fitness products that do not offer a warranty. Is the company behind it not sure of their product, or are they using inferior materials? I don’t know. But I always check the warranty before buying anything more than $100. Just to be sure.

Luckily, the Sunny exercise bike offers a 3-year warranty. So you can be sure that the product is high quality. And if you find there’s anything wrong with the bike? No problem, just let Sunny Health and Fitness know and they’ll fix it for you!

Sunny exercise bike reviews

“My first Sunny exercise bike broke after 7 years of intense use. Always happy with it and 7 years is long for an exercise bike. So we decided to get a new one. We got this newer model and it’s even better than our previous one!”

– Mary


“Love it. Great bike to get the stress out of my body after a long working day. Absolutely recommended even if you’re not an exercise bike person!”

– Dylan

Best place to get a Sunny exercise bike

You’re probably curious after reading this Sunny exercise bike review what the best place is to get one for yourself.

Well, if you too want to experience the comfort and effectiveness of this exercise bike…

… then click here to order the Sunny exercise bike & start burning calories and get in shape!




P.S. want to know more information about the Sunny exercise bike? Find it out here!


Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews: 3 Recumbent Bikes for a Top Workout

recumbent exercise bike reviewsRecumbent bikes ar great for people who want some extra support while biking. Maybe you’re a bit on the heavier side and feel out of balance on a regular upright exercise bike. Or you just like to sit down so that you have more stability and can focus on doing something else (such as reading a book or watching your favorite series). Anyway, before you can get that perfect bike, I recommend you read some recumbent exercise bike reviews to be sure that you’re getting the right one for your needs!

Note: recumbent exercise bikes are great for people who are suffering from back problems. But still want to exercise on a bike. After all, the extra back seat helps your back and spine get the support that they need. If for some reason you feel uncomfort while exercising on a regular standing bike – I highly recommend to check out these recumbent ones. They can do a lot for back health and you’ll still be able to workout.

Recumbent exercise bike reviews

#1 Exerpeutic recumbent bike

The first recumbent bike that is on the list is the Exerpeutic bike. Why? Because Exerpeutic is a company that makes fitness machines for people who have an injury or need some other type of extra support while exercising. There are many chiropractors for instance who recommend this bike. That’s why it’s number 1 on the list.

It’s a simple good bike that will allow you to do all the bike exercises that you want. All the while giving you enough back support so that you won’t have to worry about causing harm to it. This means that you can comfortable and safely put more time into biking. And as we all know – the more time you can spend exercising, the fitter you’re going to be.

You can read more specific informaiton aout the recumbent Exerpeutic bike here.

#2 Schwinn recumbent bike

If you’re looking for some more luxurious recumbent bike, then I’d recommend the Schwinn one. It’s a tad pricier, but you’ll get back enough good helpful features that it is totally worth it. For example, it can automatically calculate how much calories you’ve burned (nothing new here) but also send them to your favorite weight-loss app. Such as myfitnesspal. This means that you can simply go and exercise and the bike and app will do all the hard calculations for you.

The bike is also equipped with extra back support AND side handles that you can hold. For some people the steering wheel might be too far to comfortable exercise – so they can easily grab the side bars (around your waist, on each side) and hold those for extra stability. This make the Schwinn recumbent bike one of the best recumbent bikes for people who are looking for good stability and extra comfort while biking.

I could go into more details here, but I’ve written a complete review about the bike here. Feel free to check the Schwinn bike out!

#3 Sunny Health & Fitness recumbent magnetic bike

Ah, the Sunny health & Fitness bike. This one is on the list because is a great option for women. Not only is its design more stylish than most other exercise bikes (which is important, right?), but it’s also easy to assemble and very comfortable to exercise on. That means that it will be easier for you tos tart a exercising. And as we all know, getting on that bike on the first pace is the most difficult part of your workout. Once you’ve started, you’ll get into a rhythm and hings become easier.

sunny health recumbent
The Sunny Health & Fitness bike is a great option for women who want to get in shape!

The bike can check all your important stats for you as well, such as distance covered, heart rate and calories burned. And you can use this data to check if you’re making progress in your workouts (which is the most important thing if you want to get in shape).

For more details about the Sunny Health & Fitness bike – click here to read my in-depth review!

Why bike on a recumbent exercise bike?

You’ve read some recumbent exercise bike reviews, but you may want some more information why it’s a good idea to exercise on a recumbent bike. And which people can benefit the most from it? Well, let me give you a quick overview of why people chose for recumbent bikes.

The main difference between regular standing and reclining bikes it the extra support that reclining bikes have for your back. It’s more of a seating position and that means that it generally offers more comfort for you. Maybe you enjoy exercising like this more (it feels more laid back and relaxing). Or it can also be that you really need the extra support because of a back pain.

If you’re suffering from back pain, then biking on upright bikes can be very painful. There is a lack of stability there and that can put a lot of pressure on your core and lower back. If your back isn’t equipped to handle that pressure, then you could be making things worse.

So for people who have a back injury – I’d recommend you get a recumbent bike. The extra support for your spine (the back seat padding) will make sure that you’re stable on the bike. So that you can exercise at home on a bike without having to worry about making injuries worse.

If this is you, then you’d do well to read my recumbent exercise bike reviews again. And check out the links for more in-depth detailed guides about each bike. There you’ll learn more information about what each bike exactly does – and you’ll be better able to pick the bike that is right for you.



P.S. quick summary of the recumbent exercise bike reviews here: Exerpeutic bike is great if you’re suffering from back pain. Schwinn is perfect  is you’re looking for a luxurious bike with more options. And the Sunny Health & Fitness recumbent bike is well suited for women.

Deskcycle: Don’t Lose Time & Get Fit While You’re at Work!

deskcycleHow would your life be if you could lose weight at work? Wouldn’t you be very happy that you got fit without spending any extra time going to the gym or running before work every morning? It might seem like a far dream to you… but I assure you: with the Deskcycle thousands of others have done just that!

That’s because the Deskcycle is a great invention that allows you to work out while you’re sitting at work. Now, you might have many questions who this exactly works – and if you really can get fit at work.

If this is you, I invite you to read this article very carefully. I’ll explain you all the ins and outs of the Deskcycle and how it can help you rach your fitness goals.

About Deskcycle

Before we get into the details of the bike, first a quick glance of the company behind it. It’s named 3D Innovations and they focus on creating new solutions for all sorts of everyday problems you experience.

The Deskcycle was invented after one of their earlier products, the MagneTrainer (an exercise bike for your hands and arms) became a huge success. So the company decided to take everything that was successful about the MagneTrainer and make it into a real desk bike.

So that people can actually get work done while getting in shape!

Deskcycle specifications

Here are the specifications of the Deskcycle. For more information you can always check out his page.

  • Magnetic Resistance – the magnetic resistance ensures a smooth and quiet pedalling motion
  • Low Profile – with its low profile, the Deskcycle fits under virtually every desk (as low as 27 inches).
  • Includes Desk Display Stand – put the display on your desk, so you can see exactly how far you’ve biked and how many calories you’ve already burned.
  • Online Calorie Calculator – don’t know how many calories you need? Check it out online with the included calorie calculator.
  • 8 Calibrated Resistance Levels – 8 different resistance levels ensure that you get the workout that you need.
  • Wide Base – a wide base ensures that you won’t feel any discomfort while pedalling.
  • Bidirectional Operation – train muscles in both directions
  • Dimensions – 24 x 20 x 10 inches; 23 pounds.
  • User height – suited for people of all heights.
deskcycle review
Get some exercise while you’re working!

2 types of people who’ll love exercising on the Deskcycle

  • People who have no time to exercise outside of working hours – if you find yourself with no time to get a good workout done outside of your work hours – the solution is to exercise WHILE you’re at work!
  • People who want an extra edge at work – exercise has been shown to increase concentration levels and reduce stress. If you need to be on top of your mental game at work, the Deskcycle will help you achieve that. Every day.

5 benefits of the Deskcycle

#1 Lose weight and get fit while at work

The main benefit of the Deskcycle is that it allows you to exercise at times when you’d otherwise wouldn’t be able. You can simply put it underneath your desk and start pedalling right after you get it.

A study done by the university of Brighton showed that people who work out before or during work experience extra health benefits such as increased concentration, less stress and being happier in general. So you’ll lose weight and feel better!

#2 Quiet – so you can easily focus on your work

Some other desk bikes also work to lose weight. However, they miss the main point of a desk bike. That is ha to allow you to work too! The Deskcycle gets this and that’s why it’s as quiet as a mouse.

You will be able to concentrate perfectly. And so will your co-workers!

#3 Lowest desk bike height available – fits with desks as low as 27 inches

Another great thing about the Deskcycle is that it fits under virtually any desk. So you won’t have to worry about hitting your desk with your knees while pedalling.

deskcycle reviews
The Deskcycle won’t make noise that distracts you or your coworkers.

#4 burn up to 100% more calories

I recommend you don’t put the Deskcycle on a resistance level higher than 3. There are several reasons for that:

It allows you to still workout in the aerobic zone. This means you won’t get exhausted and can exercise for several hours without getting tired. You will still burn a 100% more calories than if you were to be sitting all that time!

#5 Comes with an online calorie calculator

Now all this talk about calories is getting me hungry! However, knowing how much calories you’re burning doesn’t say anything if you don’t know how much calories you need.

That’s why the Deskcycle comes with an easy online calorie calculator so you’ll know exactly how much you need to burn every day to lose weight.

Deskcycle reviews

“I tried another deskbike before but it made too much noise. The Deskcycle is very quiet and it took some of my co-workers actually a week before they noticed I was using it! Ha mission accomplished!”

– brandon

    “I gave one to my partner because he’s overweight but prefers watching TV at night over exercising. Now he can do both. He even realised that it’s actually working to pedal for about an hour every weeknight and has already lost 12 pounds in the last month!”

    – Julia

    Good place to get the Deskcycle

    Want to get fit while you’re at work? Then the Deskcycle is the ultimate solutions. Quiet, effective and affordable. That is what you’ll get.

    Click here to order the Deskcycle & start losing weight at work!



    P.S. not convinced yet? Did you know the Deskcycle comes with a 30-day money back guarantee? Try it out at work (or in the comfort of your own home) and find out how effective it is for yourself! Click here to learn more about their 30- day trial!