body rider fan bikeWould you like to have an affordable but effective exercise bike that allows you to workout your lower and upper body at the same time? If you’re anything like the majority of people, your answer was yes to this question. And what if I told you that you could get in shape in the comfort of your own home? That would be even better, right? Now, that’s exactly why today we’re discussing the Body Rider fan bike.

It’s an innovative exercise bike that combines both the best features of exercise bikes and the upper body workout from an elliptical machine. It’s the ultimate way to have a full-body workout without having several different exercise machines at home

Note: in this Body Rider fan bike review we’ll first quickly discuss the company behind the bike: Body Rider. After that you’ll learn for which people the bikes will offer the most *bang for your buck*. We’ll also dive into the specifications of the bike and the 5 benefits you’ll experience when exercising on the bike.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s dive in and find out everything the Body Rider fan bike has to offer!

About Body Rider

Body Rider is a company that specializes in creating innovative fitness equipment. As their name might say, they mainly focus on ways you can a get a full body workout on 1 machine. Too many exercise equipment only trains your upper or lower body. Or can do both, but not at the same time.

Because most people want to be more effective in their lives (and don’t have unlimited time to exercise). Body Rider decided to create a solution for this. And you can read all about the result on this page: the Body Rider fan bike is the ultimate full-body workout fitness solution for a low price.

body rider fan bike review
The Body Rider Fan Bike in Action!

Body Rider fan bike specifications

The most popular model is the Body rider Upright fan bike (with extra soft seat). Here are its specifications:

  • Maximum user weight – 250 pounds
  • Bike dimensions – the bikes dimensions are 41″ x 22″ x 46″ and it weighs 47 pounds.
  • Fan wheel – the fan wheel offers a smooth biking experience and gives you a cool breeze while you’re exercising.
  • Digital display – a display show you the speed, distance, calories burned and time you’ve exercised.
  • Steel frame – the steel frame allows you to exercise without having to worry about the stability of the bike.

Note: for more information about the bike (price, warranty and more), please refer to this page.

2 types of people who’ll love to exercise on the Body Rider fan bike

  • People who want a full body workout on 1 machine – if you don’t want to buy 2 separate exercise machines (or you want to save time), the Body Rider fan bike is one of the best exercise equipment you can get or yourself.
  • People who want to get in shape fast – because of the intensity of the bike you can get in shape fast. People have lost weight already after only 2 weeks of working out!

5 benefits of the Body Rider fan bike

#1 Train your upper and lower body at the same time

We’ve said it before but it bears repeating. The main benefit of this exercise bike is that it allows you to train both your upper and lower body at the same time. This has numerous benefits. For one, you only need 1 machine to get your entire body in shape. And you will also save precious time because you can do your entire workout at the same time.

body rider fan bike user experience
You can train both your upper and lower body at the same time – so you won’t need 2 different machines for that!

#2 Low cost but effective way to lose weight

The next benefit is that the Body Rider fan bike is an affordable bike. Combine that with the results you can get exercising on it makes it a great choice for people who want to get in shape – but don’t have unlimited money to throw at their problem.

Click here to check out the price of this bike.

#3 Adjust resistance level to your own preference

You can also change the resistance to suit your own preferences. What does this mean? Well, if you prefer a light workout in the morning to get your blood flowing – you can do that. If, on the other hand you want a grueling session after work to get rid of your stress, you can also easily do that on Body Rider fan bike. You can make your workout as tough or relaxed as you want!

body rider bike
The flywheel offers resistance at every intensity level – pick your own!

#4 Fan wheel offers a fluent workout

The fan wheel offers a complete new biking experience. Instead of the tough belts that won’t carry the momentum forward, the fan wheel ensures that you’ll keep the momentum of the pedaling you’ve done. On top of that it also cools you off with a nice breeze. The faster you pedal, the more cooling it will be!

#5 Comfortable to exercise on

What good is an exercise bike if you’re not comfortable on it? Nothing. That’s why the Body Rider fan bike comes with an extra soft seat that will make sure you sit comfortable on the bike. After all, the more comfortable you are on the bike, the longer you can work out and the faster you’ll get in shape!

Body Rider fan bike reviews

“Love the bike. I like to get a good workout in after work but unfortunately the gym next to my office closed. Now I can chill at night and watch my favourite series while I’m getting in shape!”

– Max


“It’s cheap, affordable and I already lost 13 pounds in 29 days! Absolutely recommended if you want to lose weight fast!”

– Mary

Where to get the Body Rider fan bike?

Do you also want to get in shape? Lose weight or tone up your upper and lower body? If you want an effective way to your dream body…

…then click here to order the Body Rider fan bike & get in shape in the comfort of your own home!

buy body rider fan bike


P.S. the Body Rider fan bike is one of the most popular full body workout equipment available on today’s market. What are you waiting for? Click here to find out more about how the bike will help you get fit!

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  1. Love the bike! I have one at home and I bike on it every day. ELosing about 1 pound per week now with just 3 times per week biking on i for half an hour. Thanks for your info!

  2. Weight loss is undeniably an extremely involved topic. But exercising every day is surt a critical component of it.

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