cruzee vs striderBalance bikes are great for teaching your kid how to bike. It’s a crucial step for them to learn how to ride a real bike. And that is a skill that everyone wants their kids to know. There are many different balance bikes available, so it can be difficult to choose the right one for your kid. Today we’re discussing the Cruzee vs Strider balance bike. What’s the difference and is one noticeably better than the other?

Cruzee vs Strider balance bikes

Before we dive into the differences, let’s first quickly talk about the similarities between the 2 bikes. After all, they’re both noticeably better than all the cheap balance bikes that you can buy at Walmart (or any other big store like that). So the first thing I want you to know is that as both the bikes are quality bikes that will teach your kid how to learn how to bike well.

strider vs cruzee

There are quite some things that make the bikes seem alike. For instance, they both look (and are) sturdy and well-built. These things cannot be skipped in balance bikes, since they will probably have to endure quite a lot. Also, the frame, handlebars and steering wheel look very similar. But there are some key differences between both the bikes:

What are the differences?

The main difference between the Cruzee vs Strider is that the Strider weighs more. Its weight is approx 3 kilos – whereas the Cruzee is only 1.9. In US terms: 6 vs 4 pounds. Now, what difference do 2 pounds make? A big difference, Especially considering that your kid is a lot smaller than you. It will be a lot easier for your kid to steer and manoeuvre around. And the better he or she can do that – the more fun learning how to bike is. And the faster he/she will be able to bike on a real bike.

Another difference is that the Cruzee saddle is a bit bigger than the Strider’s. this can be good or bad – depending on how big your kid is. Both bikes are suitable for kids up to 3 years.

Which balance bike should you pick for your kid?

Cruzee vs Strider balance bikes: both are great options (and certainly better than many of the cheap bikes you see at large stores). There are some small differences and 1 big. If you have to make a decision, I recommend you pick the Cruzee bike. The 1 kilo (2pounds) difference between the bikes is too large to be ignored. And it can make a big difference in how your kid learns to bike.

One thing though: if your kid is close to 3 -or large for his age – then the Stride can be a better option. But I’d recommend the Cruzee in 90% of cases.

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P.S. both bikes are excellent balance bikes. But the Cruzee wins. Click above to get your kid a Cruzee balance bike so he learns how to bike well!

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