Would you like to get fit while at work? Or do you want to get some work done at home, but is your planned workout stopping you from doing that? Many people struggle with finding the right balance between work and health. And it’s very understandable as work and commuting takes up a lot of time of your day. However, there is a solution to this problem. And that’s exactly why we’ll discuss the Exerpeutic Desk bike today.

It’s a state of the art desk bike that will allow you to easily workout while you’re working. It comes with all the features of a regular exercise bike – but it has a completely adjustable desktop that you can use for:

  • Working on your laptop
  • Reading a book
  • Checking and replying email
  • Watching a TV shows or movie

All while you’re working out and burning calories!

Maybe you’re alright with starting your workout, but find it tough to log the hours needed to get fit. If this is you, then know that with a desk bike your chances of getting fit are drastically increasing. The reason for that is simple.

If you’re completely absorbed in your work, a TV show or a good book, you won’t even notice that your legs are still peddling. After all, it’s a pretty singular movement, so if you give your brain something else to do, after a short while, you’ll even forget that you’re exercising!

More on all the other benefits of the Exerpeutic desk bike later. First, I want to give you the quick info on the company behind this bike: Exerpeutic. So you’ll have some nice background information to help you decide whether to purchase this desk bike or not.

desk bike
You can work and get fit at the same time with the desk bike!

About Exerpeutic

Exerpeutic is a company that specializes in health and fitness equipment. But, there is one thing that sets them apart from all the other companies that do this. They always focus on therapeutic value of their exercise equipment. What does this mean?

Simple. It means that if you suffer from back aches or other pains while exercising, getting equipment form Exerpeutic will help you. All their equipment is designed in such a way that it offers more support than regular exercise equipment from other brands.

So your spine will get more support, and this will help balance your posture better. And a better posture and healthier spine are invaluable!

But enough about the company – let’s dive into their desk bike’s specifications!

Exerpeutic desk bike specifications

The most popular Exerpeutic desk bike is the Exerpeutic WORKFIT desk station exercise bike. Here are its specifications:

  • Semi recumbent – just like a regular chair, you can easily sit back while you work for the optimal back support.
  • Dimensions –3″ L x 25″ W x 51.3″ H; Weight: 64.7 lbs.
  • Max weight – the maximum weight for using this bike is 300 pounds
  • 8 different resistance levels – pick your own pace with one of the eight resistance levels.
  • Desktop – the desktop can be set at 3 different angles: 0, 16 and 33 degrees. Height can be put between 41 and 45 inches. So it will always be comfortable for you to work on it.

Note: if you want to find out more about this bike, feel free to go to this page for more information (all the specifics, price etc.)

Two types of people who’ll love the Exerpeutic desk bike

  • People who don’t have a lot of time to work out but still want to get fit – if you struggle to make time for working out, because you’re working all the time, then getting a desk bike can be the best choice you’ll ever make.
  • People who want to be active while working, reading or watching TV – if you feel ashamed at night for not moving enough while entertaining yourself with your favourite media, the desk bike will sure help you get moving and you won’t even notice it!

Five benefits of the Exerpeutic desk bike

#1 Combine work with working out

The main benefit of this desk bike is that it will help you to work out while you’re working. You can get fit and in shape without any extra time investment whatsoever. After all, you were going to spend time sitting anyway. SO why not make use of this time and combine it to lose fat?

#2 Fully adjustable desktop

Of course the desktop needs to be in the right position for you to get real work done. That’s why the desktop on the bike is completely adjustable. You can change the angle, height – you can even slide it in or out.

In addition there’s a little drawer underneath the desktop where you can store everything you might need while working (phone, paper and pens earplugs etc.)

desk bike review
Working and working out at the same time becomes easy!

#3 Extra comfortable seat

The next benefit is the 2.5-inch-thick Airsoft seat. It will ensure that you sit comfortable and it offers the right stability so that you can exercise and work without trouble. The desk bike is also very well grounded and will stay stable no matter how much effort you put into your workout.

#4 Eight different levels of tension for a custom workout

Some bikes come with an old-fashioned rope that changes the resistance. Some people may like this old technique for changing the resistance, but I prefer an easy to use magnetic resistance bike. It’s very easy to change the resistance level so that you can pick your optimal work out intensity!

#5 Fold in half for convenient storage

The final benefit is that you can easily fold this desk bike in half so that it’s easier to store. The folded bike has a footprint of 21.3 by 25.5 inches so that it won’t bother you (or your colleagues) when you’re done working/exercising.

Exerpeutic desk bike reviews

“Excellent bike. Very quiet so my colleagues don’t complain about the noise. I’ve already lost 7 pounds in the last 3 weeks!”

– Mary


“At first I thought people at work would be making fun of it. But they’ve all been very supportive. One of my friends at work even got one for himself. Now we’re both getting fit at work!”

– Mark

Best place to get the Exerpeutic desk bike

If you too want to get fit while you’re at work, reading a book or watching your favourite TV show…

… then click here to order the Exerpeutic desk bike on Amazon!

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P.S. did you know that the bike comes with a 3-year warranty? Click here to find out more…

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