deskcycleHow would your life be if you could lose weight at work? Wouldn’t you be very happy that you got fit without spending any extra time going to the gym or running before work every morning? It might seem like a far dream to you… but I assure you: with the Deskcycle thousands of others have done just that!

That’s because the Deskcycle is a great invention that allows you to work out while you’re sitting at work. Now, you might have many questions who this exactly works – and if you really can get fit at work.

If this is you, I invite you to read this article very carefully. I’ll explain you all the ins and outs of the Deskcycle and how it can help you rach your fitness goals.

About Deskcycle

Before we get into the details of the bike, first a quick glance of the company behind it. It’s named 3D Innovations and they focus on creating new solutions for all sorts of everyday problems you experience.

The Deskcycle was invented after one of their earlier products, the MagneTrainer (an exercise bike for your hands and arms) became a huge success. So the company decided to take everything that was successful about the MagneTrainer and make it into a real desk bike.

So that people can actually get work done while getting in shape!

Deskcycle specifications

Here are the specifications of the Deskcycle. For more information you can always check out his page.

  • Magnetic Resistance – the magnetic resistance ensures a smooth and quiet pedalling motion
  • Low Profile – with its low profile, the Deskcycle fits under virtually every desk (as low as 27 inches).
  • Includes Desk Display Stand – put the display on your desk, so you can see exactly how far you’ve biked and how many calories you’ve already burned.
  • Online Calorie Calculator – don’t know how many calories you need? Check it out online with the included calorie calculator.
  • 8 Calibrated Resistance Levels – 8 different resistance levels ensure that you get the workout that you need.
  • Wide Base – a wide base ensures that you won’t feel any discomfort while pedalling.
  • Bidirectional Operation – train muscles in both directions
  • Dimensions – 24 x 20 x 10 inches; 23 pounds.
  • User height – suited for people of all heights.
deskcycle review
Get some exercise while you’re working!

2 types of people who’ll love exercising on the Deskcycle

  • People who have no time to exercise outside of working hours – if you find yourself with no time to get a good workout done outside of your work hours – the solution is to exercise WHILE you’re at work!
  • People who want an extra edge at work – exercise has been shown to increase concentration levels and reduce stress. If you need to be on top of your mental game at work, the Deskcycle will help you achieve that. Every day.

5 benefits of the Deskcycle

#1 Lose weight and get fit while at work

The main benefit of the Deskcycle is that it allows you to exercise at times when you’d otherwise wouldn’t be able. You can simply put it underneath your desk and start pedalling right after you get it.

A study done by the university of Brighton showed that people who work out before or during work experience extra health benefits such as increased concentration, less stress and being happier in general. So you’ll lose weight and feel better!

#2 Quiet – so you can easily focus on your work

Some other desk bikes also work to lose weight. However, they miss the main point of a desk bike. That is ha to allow you to work too! The Deskcycle gets this and that’s why it’s as quiet as a mouse.

You will be able to concentrate perfectly. And so will your co-workers!

#3 Lowest desk bike height available – fits with desks as low as 27 inches

Another great thing about the Deskcycle is that it fits under virtually any desk. So you won’t have to worry about hitting your desk with your knees while pedalling.

deskcycle reviews
The Deskcycle won’t make noise that distracts you or your coworkers.

#4 burn up to 100% more calories

I recommend you don’t put the Deskcycle on a resistance level higher than 3. There are several reasons for that:

It allows you to still workout in the aerobic zone. This means you won’t get exhausted and can exercise for several hours without getting tired. You will still burn a 100% more calories than if you were to be sitting all that time!

#5 Comes with an online calorie calculator

Now all this talk about calories is getting me hungry! However, knowing how much calories you’re burning doesn’t say anything if you don’t know how much calories you need.

That’s why the Deskcycle comes with an easy online calorie calculator so you’ll know exactly how much you need to burn every day to lose weight.

Deskcycle reviews

“I tried another deskbike before but it made too much noise. The Deskcycle is very quiet and it took some of my co-workers actually a week before they noticed I was using it! Ha mission accomplished!”

– brandon

    “I gave one to my partner because he’s overweight but prefers watching TV at night over exercising. Now he can do both. He even realised that it’s actually working to pedal for about an hour every weeknight and has already lost 12 pounds in the last month!”

    – Julia

    Good place to get the Deskcycle

    Want to get fit while you’re at work? Then the Deskcycle is the ultimate solutions. Quiet, effective and affordable. That is what you’ll get.

    Click here to order the Deskcycle & start losing weight at work!



    P.S. not convinced yet? Did you know the Deskcycle comes with a 30-day money back guarantee? Try it out at work (or in the comfort of your own home) and find out how effective it is for yourself! Click here to learn more about their 30- day trial!

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