exercise bike reviewsLooking to buy an exercise bike to get in shape? Whether you want to lose 15 pounds for your high school reunion, or just want to feel more active and have more energy – a good exercise bike will help you achieve your goal in the comfort of your own home. That’s why today I’m showing you the BikeMeHome exercise bike reviews.

As you know, we discuss a lot of different exercise bike on this site. But today I want to give you an overview of the most popular bikes. These bikes have stood the test of time and thousands of people have successfully used them to get fit.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s dive into these exercise bike reviews!

Note: before we get into the meat of this post, we’ll first shortly talk about what a good exercise bike needs to have. There are 3 criteria. This is so that you know what to look for in an exercise bike. You will be able to make a good judgement about exercise bike reviews yourself.

Exercise bike reviews

What to look for in a good exercise bike?

#1 Effective

The first thing that you should look for in an exercise bike is how effective it is. There are several things that an exercise bike needs to have if you want to effectively get in shape biking on it. Here they are:

  • Adjustable resistance – you simply need to be able to change the resistance. After all, as you progress you’re going to need more resistance to still get a training stimulus in your body. As a rule of thumb, you want at least 8 resistance levels. But more is better because you can make the progress more incremental.
  • Data tracker – you also want to make sure the bike has a display which shows all the important things you need to track. After all, what gets measured gets improved. If you bike 5 miles in 30 minutes – aim for 5 miles in 29 minutes the next workout. That’s how you get in shape. The most important things to track are: distance, time, speed and calories burned (optional: heart rate monitor).

If an exercise bike does not have these 2 features, then don’t bother with it. It might be good to blow off some steam after work. But it won’t work if you’re serious about getting in shape.

#2 Comfortable

The next thing a good exercise bike needs to be is comfortable. After all, if you’re experiencing discomfort because the seat is not good for you, then you probably won’t like to exercise. And the more comfortable you feel while biking, the more hours you can put into it and the faster you’ll progress.

Best way to assess comfortability is to go to a large online retailer (Amazon for example) and read the reviews. If the overwhelming majority of people complain about the comfortability, then you’d probably experience that too on that specific bike.

#3 Affordable

Of course the bike should also be affordable. Not everyone is ready to spend thousands of dollars on getting into shape. I’d recommend you set a maximum budget you’re willing to spend on a bike (average is $350). And only look at exercise bike reviews that are within that budget category.

BikeMeHome’s exercise bike reviews:

Sunny health & Fitness bike

Sunny & Health fitness bikes are known for their effectiveness. They are great bikes if you want a sturdy exercise bike that can handle some power. It’s one of the best choices if you care about speed and want a good bike at home that you can release some energy on.

Here’s a more detailed Sunny health & Fitness bike review for more information.

Exerpeutic bike

The Exerpeutic bike is a great choice if you experience discomfort on most bikes. As the name implies, there is an extra focus on the therapeutic value of the bike. Don’t get this bike if you’re looking to set speed records. But if you’re looking for an easy way to get in shape without any discomfort, then the Exerpeutic bike is for you.

Click here to read my full review of the Exerpeutic bike.


The Deskcycle is an entirely different category. As the name implies, it’s an exercise bike that allows you to comfortably work out while sitting at your desk. Great if you work in an office and don’t have time before or after work to exercise. It’s a simple, affordable bike that you can put underneath your desk. You can slowly pedal on it all day to increase your energy expenditure and lose weight.

Oh, it also barely makes any noise. So you won’t distract yourself or your co-workers! Here’s my comprehensive Deskcycle review for those of you who have interest in losing weight at work.

Schwinn exercise bikes

Schwinn exercise bikes are bikes that are in the higher segment. They are of exceptional quality and offer many different options if you’re serious about getting in shape. Of course, you do pay more for these bikes then for the other ones on this list. But if you really want to get fit, then the Schwinn exercise bike is the way to go.

Read my Schwinn exercise bike review here to see how it can help you can in shape!

Body Rider fan bike

I saved this bike for last cause it’s something completely different than the other exercise bike reviews on this page. You see, the Body rider fan bike is a bike that also allows you to train your upper body!

It’s a great way to get a full-body workout in if you want to save time or don’t want 2 different exercise machines in your home.

Click here to find out exactly how the Body Rider fan bike works!



P.S. Looking for an exercise bike that will get you fit the fastest? Pick Sunny Health & Fitness.
Experiencing back pain or other discomfort on regular bikes? Choose the Exerpeutic bike.
Want optimal comfort and fast results? Then go for the Schwinn exercise bike!

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