Chances are, if you’ve reading this article, that you’re interested in getting yourself a folding exercise bike. They are very convenient, as they take up less space than regular exercise bikes and you can take them virtually anywhere. This makes them perfect for putting them under your desk so you can easily pedal away while you’re working. To make things easier for you – I’ve compiled this list of folding exercise bike reviews. There are 2 that really caught my eye. So you can read a quick review about them. After that I’ll give you some more reasons why people like you might be using a folded exercise bike.

Folding exercise bike reviews

#1 the Desk Cycle

The first one in this series is going to be the Desk Cycle. Why? Because it’s a good example of how a folding bike should be made. You see, it’s built especially for those people who are working in an office and need to find time to work out. If you’re struggling to lose weight because you simply don’t have the tim – then the Desk Cycle is the perfect exercise for you. You can simply place it underneath your desk and exercise while you’re working.

Not only is this great for the blood flow (which makes it easier to concentrate), but you’ll also be burning calories at work. The Desk Cycle is an exercise machine from Sunny & Health, a company that is known for its high quality products. So on the Desk Cycle you’ll find everything you need for a good workout. It can track the time exercised, calories burned, distance covered and a host of other stuff for you. So you can easily track your workouts and make sure that you’re progressing. There is a lot more to be said about this beautiful little folding bike, but if you’re interested…

… then read my in-depth Desk Cycle review here!

#2 MagneTrainer

The second bike in these folding exercise bike reviews is the MagneTrainer. Now, you might be wondering why I put an arm bike in this list. And the answer is simple. Because virtually every folding bike (if done right) can also be used to train your arms. It’s merely a matter of where you put it. If you place it under your desk – you can train your legs. If you place it on your desk – you can train your arms. This way your entire body (upper and lower) will get a good workout.

I like the MagneTrainer because it’s simple. It has everything you need to work up a sweat. And nothing more. So if you’re just looking for a simple workout machine that you can use for both your arms and legs – the Magnetrainer is for you.

You can find more detailed information here in my MagneTrainer review

Why get a folding exercise bike?

Maybe you’ve already check the previous folding exercise bike reviews. Then you’ll probably find the following paragraphs a bit of a┬árepetition. But that’s okay. When talking about your health it’s always good to know exactly what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. So I recommend you see this as a little summary of why folding bikes are so convenient and what the benefits are of getting one.

You can work out while you’re working

This is the main reason why people get folding bikes. And I wholeheartedly agree. In our society many people don’t have enough time to exercise. Often this is because we spend too much time working and sitting in the office. So if there’s a way to exercise in the office – then that would be great, right? And that is exactly where these folding bikes come in. Some, such as the Desk Cycle have specifically been made for this purpose. What this means is that you don’t have to worry about noise. Since it barely produces any. So you can work out without distracting your colleagues or coworkers.

folding exercise bike reviews
Exercising can effectively be combined with working. Just put a folding bike under your desk and start pedaling!

It’s the perfect solution if you’re struggling to get fit and want an easy way to burn a couple hundred extra calories per day (or week – depending on how much you need to lose). And the easier you make it for yourself to exercise, the more you’ll do it, and the faster you’ll get the body you want.

Easy to move

Another reason is because it’s simply easy and convenient to move around. Maybe there are 2 persons in your house who want to use the bike. Or you want to exercise while watching TV – and after that store it away somewhere out of sight. That’s all pretty difficult to do if you’ve got a 50 pound huge exercise bike. But if you’ve got a folding one, then it’s a matter of picking it up and putting it in its place. Makes live a lot easier for you.

Train both your lower and upper body

I already mentioned this before in the folding exercise bike reviews, but most good bikes can be used to train both your legs and your arms. All it depends is where you put the bike. On your desk for your arms and on the floor for your legs. The reason why this is so great is that some people would otherwise develop an imbalance in their bodies. You can image this right? If all you do is train your legs, but your arms stay weak.. then this cannot be good for the body. In general the legs can handle some more volume than your arms, so you can keep the ratio of 2 leg workouts for 1 arm workout and you should be perfectly fine.




P.S. here’s a quick recap if this article is too long for you. Folding bikes are great for working out at the office. If you want to use it for that – I recommend you read my comprehensive Desk Cycle review here. It will teach you everything you need to know about how to use the bike and how to get the best results from it.

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