fox 34 vs 36There are many good forks out there. And today we’re going to discuss a question many mountain bikers have asked themselves: is it worth getting the Fox 34 vs 36? We’ve done the research and you can read all about it in todays article. So, let’s get started!

Fox 34 vs 36 fork

Both the forks from Fox are from high quality. that’s for sure. If you just bought a regular bike somewhere without special forks on it – then you can be sure that getting either the Fox 34 or 36 will make your bike a lot better for biking out in the woods or on tracks.

So, with that out of the way, are there any specific differences for when the 34 or the 36 is better?

Here’s what the difference is:

It might come as no surprise to you that the Fox 36 is the better option of the 2. It offers more stability and support. And it will allow you more stiffness if you’re doing jumps. So, that’s the main difference.

fox 34 vs 36
This is the Fox 36!

Now, the price difference between these 2 forks is also pretty big. So if you need the 36on your bike – and if it’s worth the money for you will depend on a couple of factors. Some that you have to ask yourself if you are willing to spend extra money – and if you will actually use all the extra stability that the 36 has to offer.

So should you get the Fox 36?

A quick look around on many biker forums will quickly reveal to you that everyone prefers the Fox 36 over the 34. It simply is better made and an upgrade for the old model. but it also costs more. Here’s the thing:

If you’re not doing high jumps or hard pushing with trail riding, then chances are low that you’re going to need the extras that the 36 has to offer. That doesn’t mean that you won’t feel the difference, but if you’re not pushing yourself and your bike, it might not be too noticeable.

Everything changes however, when you start doing higher jumps (for example 10 feet). In these cases it is highly recommended that you get the 36 model. As it will make biking a lot more comfortable and it will be better for the rest of your bike. Also, your performance will increase.

So, my final recommendation is to get the 36. Whatever type of mountain biker you are. In the long run it is an investment and it will be better for your rides as well. The only reason not to pick the 36 might be if you’re on a budget. But still, in the long run you’ll spend less by choosing the Fox 36.

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P.S. Fox 34 vs 36? We recommend you get the Fox 36. Its quality is overall better and you won’t have to worry about high jumps or other tough tracks you might be riding on. Click above for more information about the Fox 36!



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