portable exercise bike reviewsHaving a portable exercise bike is a great option for many people. They are easy to move and weigh less. This make them very popular. There are also a couple more benefits that ll get into later this article. And after that I’ll give you the portable exercise bike reviews that caught my eye. So if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to workout virtually anywhere, then continue reading!

Note: on this site I’ve written many different reviews about specific exercise bikes. And portable exercise bikes are great for people who want to get fit but don’t really have the time to do that. So if that’s you – then this article is for you.

3 Benefits of a portable exercise bike

#1 Easy to take with you anywhere

This is the main benefit of folding bikes. You see, most of them weigh less than 20 pounds (whereas regular bikes can weight 50+ pounds). That makes them very easy to pick up and take somewhere. The obvious benefit is of course that you can easily move them around the house. For example if you want to exercise i the living room (and watch a movie at the same time), then it’s a lot easier to take a portable bike and later put it back in a convenient place for storage. Instead of having to haul a 50 pounds exercise bike around the house.

It’s also good if you’re moving frequently and want to minimize the amount of stuff you have. In that case a portable exercise bike is a great option too.

#2 Exercise while you’re at work

The second thing that makes these bikes so attractive is that they can be used to exercise at work. If you’re like many in our society – you probably work a lot and have some weight to lose. But if you’re sitting behind a desk all day this can become difficult. Luckily portable bikes (I’ll show you later which one I’d recommend), can easily be put underneath your desk. So you can exercise while getting work done.

Not only will you burn more calories throughout the day, but it will also give you a nice energy boost. I bet you that you’ll feel more focused and clear-headed if you’re doing a light exercise ride at around 30% of your power for around an hour after lunch. And that’s something very valuable (especially if you suffer from that after lunch dip where you just want to lay down and have a nap).

#3 Train your upper and lower body

Another benefit of portable bikes is that you can use them to train both your upper and lower body. You see, when you place them on the ground, you can use it for training your legs. But if you put it on your desk (be sure clean the pedals though), you can use it as an arm workout. This means that only need 1 exercise machine for your entire body. That has several benefits.

For example, training your legs all the time can get pretty boring. But if you switch it up (I recommend 1 arm workout for every 2 leg workouts), then it will be more interesting. And you’ll give your legs a couple of days off to recover. Another benefit is that you won’t create any imbalances. If you only train your legs, your arms may still stay weak. Adding in a workout for your upper body is something that only portable exercise bikes can give you vs regular ones.

portable folding bike
Working and exercising can effectively be done at the same time!

Portable Exercise Bike reviews

Alright, here are the 2 folding portable bikes that I recommend. Feel free to read my more in-depth reviews that I wrote about them. You can do so by clicking the link after the portable exercise bike reviews.

#1 MagneTrainer – great for training both lower and upper body

The MagneTrainer is an exercise bike that was developed especially for exercising your entire body. You see, it’s the perfect bike that you can use if you want to occasionally use it to train your arms. It’s a high quality (but affordable) exercise machine that will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Read my full in-depth MagneTrainer review here!

#2 Desk Cycle – work out while you’re in the office

This is the option to pick if you want a portable bike for the office. Or if you’re working at home, to put under your desk. It was specificaly designed to make virtually no noise. After all, you don’t want to upset your colleagues by making too much noise while working. That would be a sure way to get your boss to ban portable bikes from the office. So you wot have to worry about that.

It’s a bike from Sunny Health & Fitness, a brand that creates high quality fitness machines for an affordable price, so you won’t break the bank for getting this great machine. If you want to know more about the Desk Cycle…

... then find my comprehensive Desk Cycle review here!

conclusion portable exercise bike reviews

Portable bikes have several benefits that other regular exercise bikes don’t have. They make it possible for you to exercise your entire body with just 1 fitness machine. And you can also use them to get a brisk workout while you’re sitting behind your desk. Those things make them very popular with the public – and for good reasons of course. If you’re looking for an easy way to get more exercise in your life, then portable folding bike are exactly what you need. Feel free to go back and check out my specific reviews of 2 of the most effective and popular folding bikes currently available.

And if you have a question about anything related to portable bikes – please leave a comment with your question. I’d be happy to help you out with any questions you might have.



P.S. curious after reading these portable exercise bike reviews which bike I’d recommend if you’re working in an office and need more exercise in your life? Then check out my detailed Desk Cycle review to learn more about how you can lose weight even if you’re working all the time!

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