schwinn recumbent bikeYou might have heard about the Schwinn recumbent bike before. That’s logical, as it’s a very high tech exercise bike that will allow you to easily get to your fitness goals. It’s consistently rated as one of the top exercise bike and in this article I’ll show you exactly why that is!

But first, we’ll quickly discuss Schwinn bikes, the company behind the Schwinn recumbent bike. So you’ll know exactly what the company does and what you can expect when you buy a bike from them.

About Schwinn Bikes

Schwinn bikes is a German bike company that was founded in 1895 by Ignaz Schwinn, an avid cyclist. At first they only made road bikes, but due to popular demand they also started creating high quality exercise bikes in the second half of the 20th century.

In the more than 120 years Schwinn has been making bikes, they have perfected their models. And they keep on innovating. So you can expect a high quality exercise bike for an affordable price. And that’s exactly what you want if you’re looking to buy an exercise bike, right?

schwinn recumbent bike revie
This is how the Schwinn recumbent bike will look!

Schwinn recumbent bike specifications

So, let’s talk about the bike itself. The most popular Schwinn recumbent bike is the model #270. Here are its specifications:

  • Max user weight – the maximum weight that the bike holds is 300 pounds
  • Dimensions – the bike is 64 X 27.7 X 49.9 inches and weighs 101 pounds.
  • Data check – you check all your necessary data with the help of the 2 large LCD screens.
  • USB connection – upload your calories used, time biked and distance covered to your favourite apps such as MyFitnessPal.
  • Power requirements – use a standard 110-120V circuit.

Note: for more information (prices, warranty and more), please see the Schwinn recumbent bike page on for more information.

2 types of people who’ll love to exercise on the Schwinn recumbent bike

  • People who want an all-inclusive exercise bike – the Schwinn recumbent bike comes with 29 different exercise programs and many other luxuries. All you have to do to get a good workout is sit down, pick a program and start exercising. The bike will do the rest!
  • People who need extra comfort and support while exercising – the recumbent bike is great for offering extra back support. This means that if you suffer from back issues, but still want to exercise, it’s a good idea to choose a recumbent exercise bike.

5 benefits of the Schwinn recumbent bike

#1 Extra support for your entire body

As we discussed before, the Schwinn recumbent bike offers extra support for your body when exercising. Not only is the regular seat very comfortable so on (a padded seat bottom), but as you can see on the picture the back support is also very sturdy and offers your spine all the support it needs while you exercise.

An added bonus is that while you sit back and exercise your body is in a more upright position. This is not only good for your posture (compared to regular hunched over posture on standard exercise bikes), but it also makes it easier to watch TV for instance.

#2 Track up to 13 different data displays

With the 2 large LCD displays you check all sorts of data while you exercise. You can chose for yourself which ones you’d like. Things to track include:

  • Calories burned
  • Distance biked
  • Time spent pedalling
  • Heart rate
  • And a lot more

The main benefit of this is that you can compare how you’re doing this workout with the last one. This will make sure that you progress. And as you know, the more progress you make (e.g. the same workout in a short period of time), the better your body will look!

#3 Choose between 29 different workout programs and 4 user settings

You can chose between 29 different programs. This takes out the guesswork of how your workout is going to look like. It’s best to do the same workout for a couple of weeks to actually see how you’re progressing.

And then, when you get bored with it. Pick another one and progress on that one! The bike also has 4 user settings that can track data for different persons. So you can workout with the entire family!

#4 Weighted flywheel and 25 resistance levels for any type of user

The weighted flywheel and the 25 different resistance levels make sure that you can workout at your own pace and preference – whatever your current level of fitness. And the other great thing about so many different levels?

It’s that you can make the transitions very smooth. Some other exercise bikes may only have 6 or 8 levels – which makes the jump from, let’s say level 3 to 4 a very harsh one. With the Schwinn recumbent bike every transition is smaller and you can make faster progress with this!

schwinn recumbent bike reviews
With the flywheel you can pick the perfect resistance for your fitness level!

#5 transport wheel and water bottle holder included

With all its features it’s a pretty heavy bike (101 pounds). But that doesn’t mean that it’s difficult to transport. It has transport wheels included in the front, so you can easily put it in your storage. Or a different place in your house.

Another convenient thing about the bike is the large bottle holder. You can place your water bottle next to you so you won’t have to halt your workout to rehydrate yourself.

Schwinn recumbent bike reviews

“It’s an absolute luxury bike. Very comfortable and track everything you need to get a good workout in. It’s better than most of the bikes that I’ve tried in regular gyms. Recommended!”

– Jack


“I’ve biked on this exercise bike for 4 weeks, 3 times a week for 1.5 hour and I’ve already lost 7 pounds! I look a lot better and can only imagine how healthy I’ll be in half a year from now!”

– Marc

Where to get the Schwinn recumbent bike for a good price?

If you’re curious where to buy the Schwinn recumbent bike after reading this review…

… then click here to order the Schwinn recumbent bike on Amazon & start getting fit in the comfort of your own home!

buy schwinn recumbent bike


P.S. did you know the bike comes with a small fan? Stay comfortable while biking with a small breeze! Click here for more information.

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