strider classic vs sportYou want your kids to learn how to bike correctly. Learning how to bike early in life is a good thing, since it allows your child to assess risks and get to know a new skill. But one thing that many parents find is that is can be very difficult for a child to get started right away on a regular bike. And you don’t want them to fall unnecessary, right? That’s when balance bikes come in. They’re made exactly for small kids – so that they can learn how to balance on a bike, without all the risks of regular bikes. If you’re interested in getting a balance bike, you’ve come across the brand Strider. But which of their 2 most popular bikes is better for your child: The Strider Classic vs Sport?

Strider Classic vs Sport

In this comparison review we’ll start off discussing the similarities between both bikes. This is because there are quite some. And in some cases, it might not make that much of a difference which one you pick. In other cases, the small differences between the bikes can have a big impact on how your child uses it. So then it would be wise to pick the correct bike.

Here are the similarities for the Strider classic vs sport balance bikes:

  • Both bikes have a 12-inch steel frame (As suggested in the name)
  • The bikes weigh 6.9 pounds – which is great as it’s less than 1/3 of the kid’s weight, which allows for easy maneuvering.
  • No worries about maintenance or flat tires with the puncture proof EVA polymer tires.
  • Kids starting from 18 months can use the bikes
  • The lowest seat height is 11 inches
  • Lowest handlebar height: 18 inches
  • Perfectly suited for children who want to learn how to balance on a real bike

So as you can see, both bikes are great tools for if you want your kids to learn how to bike correctly.

Strider is a world-famous brand for their kids bicycles and balance bikes. They have sold more than 1 million of their bikes and a quick look around the internet will reveal thousands of good reviews from happy parents. Feel free to check out more specifics and/or reviews on Amazon for the Classic bike here.

What I like about the Strider classic: good starter balance bike for a young child

The Strider classic bike is cheaper than the Sport model. This is because it has less option. It’s a solid bike for young kids who want to learn how to balance on a bike – and it’s suitable for kids from 18 months to 3 years. After that period, your kid will most likely be too tall for the bike. Of course, if your kid is small for his age, then maybe he will be able to get some more months out of the bike, but this is not likely.

strider sprt vs classic balance bike

The highest that the bike seat can go is 18 inches.  And for the handlebars this is 22 inches.

The main reason to get this bike over the Sport model is when your child is young/small and you think he will learn how to bike on a real bike before he turns 3. It’s a good model to learn how to balance and it’s a bit cheaper than the Sport – but still it does its job well.

What I like about the Strider Sport:

The Strider Sport is basically everything that the Strider Classic model is, but more. Mainly: higher. It has some extra features so that you can increase the height of the saddle and handlebars. This makes the bike a solid balance bike for kids aged 18 months till 5 years.

The maximum seat height can be raised till 19 inches. This does increase the weight of the bike a bit, but since your kid will also be bigger – it will be of no problem for him.


One concern that you might have is that the extra weight of your kid will make the saddle uncomfortable. After all, a saddle that’s comfortable for a 2-year-old might not be suitable anymore if he’s 4. A good concern, and you don’t need to worry. Strider anticipated this and added an extra padded seat to the bike, so that it’s comfortable for very child in the intended age range.

Ad because your kid will also put more pressure on the handlebars (he’s bigger after all), there are also extra handlebar pads to accommodate this extra pressure. He will still have good grip and will be able to steer correctly.

Apart from the height, there is another functional difference between the Strider Classic vs Sport balance bike. That is that the height of the Sport bike can be adjusted without tools. The easy mechanism where the handlebars and seat are attached to the frame can be adjusted by hand. This is not the case with the Classic where you need to get your toolbox. A minor difference, but with a growing kid it can be nice not to have to take your tools out every couple of months.

Here’s what to base your Strider classic vs sport decision on:

Maybe you’ve already decided after reading this Strider Classic vs Sport comparison review. If you haven’t? Here’s a quick overview of which bike is better for which kid:

  • Is your kid 18 months – 2 years? Then you can get the Classic bike.
  • Are you on a budget? Get the Classic version.
  • Is your kid almost 3 or older? Then it’s better that you get him the Sport bike.
  • Is your kid young but budget is no problem? The Strider Sport balance bike.
  • Want to be able to easily without tool heighten the seat/handlebars? Choose the Sport balance bike.

Strider Classic vs Sport conclusion:

Both the Classic and the Sport balance bikes from Strider are great bikes if you want your kid to learn how to balance. Before letting him learn the hard way on a real bike. The main difference is that the Sport seat can go higher. So it’s suitable for kids from 3-5 as well. It accommodates this extra weight by adding extra seat and handlebar pads, so it will still be comfortable for your kid.

If budget is no problem, pick the Sport. Your kid will do longer with it and it’s more comfortable/easier to adjust. Otherwise, you can also safety pick the Classic version, as it still offers all the benefits of the Sport – but it’s only suitable for kids till 3 years old.


Click here to order the Strider Classic balance bike (age: 18 months – 3 years)!


Or here to get the Strider Sport bike (age: 18 months – 5 years)!



P.S Did this Strider classic vs Sport balance bike review help you? Then check out the right bike for your kid through the above links! It will help your child a great deal if he learns how to bike correctly.

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