the best exercise bikesDo you want to lose weight by working out at home? Then good cardio equipment is a must. And especially a good exercise bike will help you to reach your fitness goals. It’s a great way to lose weight and get in shape. Because you won’t be putting unnecessary stress on your body (e.g. with running machines). But how do you know whether a bike is a good one? That’s exactly why today you can read this article about the best exercise bikes.

First, we’ll shortly discuss the most important things you need to look for in a good exercise bike. This is because otherwise your bike might not help you reach your goals. After that we’ll dive into a couple of short exercise bike reviews. As you might know I’ve written many reviews about different bikes here on and you can read the ones that interest you.

The Best Exercise Bikes

What to look for in the best exercise bikes:

#1 Effectiveness

The first thing that every exercise bike should be is effective. Why? Because otherwise there would be no need to get it. If you’re not going to get in shape, then why get a good exercise bike. Therefore it needs to have a couple of things. Every effective exercise bike should have:

  • At least 8 different resistance levels – this is important because you want to be able to increase the resistance progressively. When you increase resistance your body adapts and gets stronger. And you’ll also burn more calories. I recommend that you look for an exercise bike that has at least 8 resistance levels. The more the better, since the steps between levels become smaller and it makes it easier for you to jump to the next one.
  • A display that shows all your important stats – if you’re going to get in shape, it’s good to know the data of each bike ride. The most important stats are distance covered, time spent, speed, calories burned and your heart rate. If you strive to improve your distance within a certain time frame – you will find that your fitness level increases with it. E.g. if you first bike 6 miles in half an hour and in 2 weeks you manage 7 miles in half an hour. Then you’re on the right track!

#2 Comfortability

The second important thing for the best exercise bikes is that they are comfortable. After all, if the bike is not comfortable to sit on – how are you going to muster up the energy and courage to keep exercising? Therefore the bike needs to be comfortable.

The main indicators of comfortability can be found through user reviews of the bike. Go to any large online retailer (Amazon for example). And check what other people say about the bike. If many others are saying that the bike is comfortable, then chances are high that you will experience the same comfort.

#3 Affordable price

The last thing is that the price needs to be good. This depends for every different person, but I’d recommend you set a specific budget for yourself. The average price people pay for an exercise bike is around $350. But what you’re willing to spend is up to you.

Set a maximum and go look for bikes that are within your price range. Read all the reviews and see which one looks the most suitable for your preferences and fitness goals!

The best exercise bikes – our recommendations

Sunny health & fitness exercise bike

The Sunny health & fitness bikes are great if you’re looking for a bike that can take a beating. If you love to exercise on a home bike with everything that you’ve got – then Sunny health & Fitness bikes will help you achieve your goals.

They have several different models, but the bike that can handle the most power from you is the Sunny health & Fitness pro indoor cycling bike. You can read my entire comprehensive review of this bike here.

Exerpeutic Bike

As the name implies, the Exerpeutic bike is a bike with more comfort. If you suffer from back pains or other aches in your body on regular exercise bikes, then the Exerpeutic bikes might be just what you need. If you want to reach your fitness goals in a comfortable manner and not feel discomfort while doing it, this bike is for you.

Click here to read my full Exerpeutic bike review and learn more about the bike.

Desk cycle

The Desk cycle is an entire different category bike. It’s a bike that only has the lower part of a regular exercise bike – the pedals. This makes it perfect to put it underneath your desk at work or at home. And get a workout in while you’re doing other work.

If you’re anything like me, then you probably don’t have a lot of time before or after work to work out. But with the Deskcycle you can now use the time at work to get in shape! Click here for more information how this bike exactly works.

Schwinn recumbent exercise bike

The Schwinn recumbent exercise bike is a luxury bike. It’s not only very comfortable to bike on – but it has also been shows to be very effective in helping you lose weight. You see, there are 29 different available programs on the bike. Ranging from intense cardio workouts, to more strength oriented interval training.

You can pick the workout that you want and the bike will show you exactly how fast to go and design your workout for you. Click here for more information about the Schwinn recumbent exercise bike.

Body Rider fan bike

If you want to work out your entire body instead of your legs, then the Body Rider fan bike can help you do this. It’s a bike combined with the upper part of an elliptical machines. Plus it’s affordable and not too expensive. This means that you can get a good full body workout on just 1 machine! Click here to find out exactly how the Body Rider fan bike works.




P.S. for maximum effectiveness – pick the Sunny Health & Fitness bike. For optimal comfort and no aches – the Exerpeutic bike is for you. And if you’re looking for a premium bike – Schwinn exercise bikes are the right choice in your case!

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