upright exercise bike reviewsThere are hundreds of different exercise bikes out there, and that makes it difficult to pick the right one for you. But since you’re reading this article, I assume that you’re looking for an upright exercise bike. It’s the most simplest form of bikes that you’ll find – but that doesn’t mean that they’re not effective. If you’re looking for a simple exercise bike that will help you get some good workouts in at home, then I recommend you read these upright exercise bike reviews.

Note: upright exercise bikes are the regular exercise bikes that you’ll find. The other main category is recumbent exercise bikes.¬†Those are bikes that offer a backseat so to speak. You can also sit upright on them, but it’s more of a leaned back position. Upright exercise bikes on the other hand are bikes where you’ll only have a saddle – so no extra support for your back. After the top 3 upright exercise bike reviews, I’ll tell you some benefits of exercising on an upright bike.

Upright Exercise bike reviews

#1 Body Rider Fan Bike

The reason why I put the Body Rider fan bike in front is because it also works out your arms. Instead of a regular steering wheel, you are holding two grips that are moving as you’re biking. It has a bit of an elliptical machine for your arms – but for the rest it’s just a good upright exercise bike.

The main benefit of this bike is that you’ll be sitting upright so your body can balance itself. And since you’ll be moving both your arms and legs it’s a perfect way of getting an easy full body workout in. Even if you’re busy and can’t really spare the time.

Click here to read my full review of the Body Rider fan bike.

#2 Exerpeutic bike

You might have heard about Exerpeutic before. It’s a fitness brand that focuses on making high quality fitness machines that are great for your posture and spine. If need be, they’re also perfect if you’re suffering from a (lagging) injury – your back for example. The Exerpeutic bike provides extra support for your body so that you can be exercising anyway.

It also is one of the few bikes that can support users who are very overweight as well. I’m not assuming you are – but for those who weigh more than 230 pounds it is often very difficult to find a bike that safely supports their weight. And they need it the most.

The best part of this bike is simply the comfort is brings you. The seat is made in such a way that it won’t cause you any uncomfort even if you’re going for longer workouts. And the longer you can comfortably exercise, the faster you’ll get to that dream body that you want.

You can read my Exerpeutic Upright Exercise bike here.

#3 Sunny health & Fitness pro indoor cycling bike

Now, the previous 2 bikes were mainly for people looking to get a good workout to shed some pounds. If you enjoy biking outside, and you can’t because of the weather – then you’re probably looking for something that can handle some more power. That’s where the Sunny health & Fitness pro indoor cycling bike comes in. It’s a bike that was designed for people who need a good bike to train inside.

upright exercise bikes
If the weather is like this – it might be a good idea to get an indoor exercise bike!

Maybe you’re living in a place with harsh winters – and going out on your regular bike is simply not an option during winter. Then this bike is perfect for you. It’s a bike that has great stability, which means that you will be able to go hard on it without worrying that you’re going to fall off it. Which is something that can happen with other not s stable exercise bikes.

Anyways, if you want more information, please check out my Sunny Health & Fitness pro indoor cycling bike review here!

Why bike on an upright exercise bike?

You might have already checked out some reviews that I described in this upright exercise bike reviews guide. But maybe you’re more curious as to why you should bike on an upright bike? Well, there are many reasons for that but here is an overview of the most used reasons for it:

  • It helps for stabilizing your posture¬†– other bikes that support your back can cause some imbalances. After all, you’re not using your core muscles to balance yourself anymore. The posture is also better on an upright bike as you’re sitting upright. This means that it can help prevent injuries.
  • It feels more natural – if you’re used to biking outside, then you’re going to want an upright exercise bike at home. That is because it’s the most like a real bike. So you won’t have to worry about trying out a new way of biking.
  • They are simpler – most upright bikes are simpler than other exercise bikes. So if you’re looking for a no-nonsense bike that you can just use a couple of times per week to get a good workout, then an upright bike is the right choice for you. Because of this, most of the time they’re also a bit cheaper than other variants (such as upright bikes).

So there are quite some benefits to getting an upright exercise bike. For most younger people who want an exercise bike to get (or stay) in shape – upright bikes are the right choice. So if you haven’t don it yet, please check out some of the more detailed review I wrote in these upright exercise bike reviews guide. Chances are that you’ll learn some more valuable information that will help you make the right buying decision.

And if you have any questions, feel free to ask – I’m happy to help you with any questions you might have about bikes. Whether that be exercise bikes for at home or real bikes.



P.S. if you’re looking for an upright bike that can handle some power? Then I recommend the Sunny Health & Fitness pro indoor cycling bike!

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